Bridging the Gap between
Business and Technology
Helping companies, both large and small, extend and enhance their existing environment through
secure, cloud-based microservices, streaming data-processing systems and intelligent, event-driven solutions.

We deliver secure, integrated, cloud-based solutions that extend and adapt existing systems to take advantage of new and emerging technologies while leveraging a company's current investments in infrastructure, tools and off-the-shelf products.

For Enterprises

If you're a large enterprise, taking advantage of new and emerging technologies while still maintaining productivity can be challenging. It is not always easy to stay on the cutting edge. With so much on-premises infrastructure and so many legacy systems deployed across multiple departments and lines of business, progress can be slow. Knowing there's so much to gain by moving to the cloud but you just can't get there. If you're paving the way for a new cloud strategy, figuring out how to begin migrating your applications or just jump-starting one of the many new cloud offerings, we can help.

For Universities

Universities face unique challenges in deploying applications to the cloud. With many high-end systems tightly coupled to proprietary student and faculty processing systems and serving a diverse user community, the .edu space sometimes requires a different approach. Having experience in this space, we've been able to tailor our processes to the specific challenges facing universities that can ease the migration path to the cloud. If you're a university and struggling to figure out where to begin and how to take advantage of the cloud today, we can help.

For Startups

We understand the difficulties in building a platform in the early stages of growth. Finances are tight and development can be expensive. As a result of launching several cloud-based startups ourselves, we're making available our cloud-based platform specifically designed for startups and small businesses. Consisting of a turn-key SaaS platform fully integrated into either Amazon or Azure cloud, complete with frontend UI, middle-tier services and a variety of integrated data processing and backend options. If you're interested in deploying your solution to the cloud fast with end-to-end automation, we can help.


Because migrating to the cloud is hard.

- And takes proper planning and execution. -

Knowing what services to leverage when you get there can be a daunting task. We help take the stress out of cloud migration by providing a well-defined strategy and a proven platform for deploying and launching your services in the cloud. Whether your on Amazon or Azure, our platform delivers a fully-automated model for standing up infrastructure, launching services and managing change through scripted CI/CD pipelines tailored to your needs and aligned with your existing processes. Fully-integrated into your current environment, our platform helps simplify the entire deployment process. So whether your a large enterprise moving to the cloud or a startup in need of a solid foundation, we can help.



Whether you're starting fresh or migrating existing infrastructure or applications.

  • Migration Planning & Cloud Strategy
  • Infrastructure & Application Design
  • Cloud Automation & Cloud Security
  • Process Controls & Risk Assessments
  • Governance & Regulatory Compliance


Improving efficiency and business value through message-based systems and event-driven, data processing solutions.

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Cloud Migration & SaaS Solutions
  • Microservices Architecture & Design
  • Systems Integration & Data Analytics
  • Directory and Data Transfer


Leveraging advancements in tools and technologies that allow businesses to adapt and respond to change.

  • REST-based Microservices
  • Responsive & Mobile Applications
  • Cloud Platforms & Serverless Solutions
  • Database Design & Deployment
  • Custom Software Development

It all starts with accurate and reliable information.

- Its all about the data -


Founded in 1992 during the internet explosion of the early 90’s, inSolutions began as a as a software development company with the goal of building data-centric, secure applications for the web. Through an initial partnership with the American Real Estate Association, inSolutions delivered one of the first database-driven, online property listing services of its time. The new listing service was piloted in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia and provided the initial momentum that would fuel the growth of the online real estate market for the next 25 years.
In 1995, inSolutions was contracted by the Department of Defense to assist with the dissemination of “unclassified, but limited” information to their contractors around the globe. The requirements would highlight the need for robust application and data security, along with a new approach for the web. The resulting solution was unveiled at the Pentagon and became one of the first applications at the DoD that leveraged web-based authentication, role-based access control, SSL and proprietary data encryption as the foundation for a comprehensive, secure, document delivery infrastructure for multiple defense organizations.
In 1997, JAVA was introduced into the community as a new development language that would revolutionize how software is built. At a symposium in McClean Virginia, inSolutions participated in one of the first regional JAVA conferences focused on promoting the technology as it began to gain traction. We made a conscious decision to move in that direction and began building custom applications on the JAVA platform while extending and integrating existing applications to leverage the new technology.
Within the next few years, a new philosophy began to emerge - to design solutions that are built on open-standards, leverage new advancements in tools and technologies and have practical, real-world applications. Through a specialization in JAVA and web technologies, combined with the security experience gained from the Department of Defense, inSolutions was able to establish a foothold in custom development and became a key player in Identity and Access Management space that continued to grow throughout the early 2000's.
In 2000 we signed on with Sun Microsystems, as a premier systems integrator and began to extend our development practice to include key off-the-shelf tools and products into our solutions. In 2001 inSolutions was offered a seat on the governing board of the first Sun Software Partner Council for a two-year term and in 2003 was awarded “Partner of the Year” as a Sun Systems Integrator then continued on with Oracle for a short time after their acquisition of Sun in 2009.
From that point forward, we’ve been building upon the foundation established in the early days and have partnered with many product vendors and software development companies to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients. We continue to expand our depth and breadth of knowledge in software as we discover new ways to improve, secure and simplify our solutions to adapt to ongoing changes in technology and the cloud. We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients, for it is from these relationships that our most meaningful solutions are built.


Our Mission

To provide quality software and solutions that enhance productivity, promote security, and improve the efficiency of IT and business operations.

Our Vision

That companies and individuals will leverage technology to its fullest by having access to software and tools that can be easily tailored and customized to meet their needs.

Strategy & Approach

To address all projects from both business and technology perspectives, foster new ideas and innovative thinking, and continue to promote and support the ongoing evolution of software and next generation technologies.